My crazy Cap10K

Yesterday Jon and I ran in the Statesman Cap10K. This race is the largest 10K in Texas and the fifth largest in the country. We have ran it each year that we’ve lived in Austin.

As you remember, I had been struggling a bit with getting out the door to get runs in, so you might be asking yourself, “Why is she running a 10K?” Because, oh, I don’t know, I’m completely insane. And hey, it’s tradition! Or at least we want it to be a tradition.

The last time I ran six or more miles was in December when I was still in training mode for the princess half marathon. That training ended poorly and despite my effort, I really haven’t ran more than three mies in months. I knew running this race would be tough and I decided that I could do a run-walk after the first three miles – at the very least, I could even walk the course if I had to.

The morning started off dreadful – it was was foggy and the humidity level was at 93%. Rain was definitely on its way. Not to mention I woke up at 6:15AM for a race I knew was going to be painful. We parked about a mile away from the starting line just after 7AM and walked over with some friends who were also doing the race. Most of them had PR’s in mind – I just had one goal – don’t get dead. Okay, I realize this is exaggerating a little. I knew I wouldn’t die, but knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park.


The race attracts between fifteen and twenty thousand participants. Normally everyone lines up in one corral that is separated by pace time. The race starts at 8AM and it’s one big wave of people. Not this year. The elites started first along with two corrals. I told Jon and our friends to go in that wave. I stayed back for the wave at 8:15 – I  didn’t want to be in anyone’s way.

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A blog that I follow does these posts pretty regularly, and then I noticed another friend that I follow did one recently too – I figured I would get it on the fun!

current book. One for the Money by Janet Evanovich. I’ve been blazing through some good books lately and this author has been on my radar for along time, but I never pulled the trigger and bought one of her books. A really good friend of my has raved about this series by Evanovich and she convinced my Mom to read them too. I’m only a few chapters in, but I’m already enjoying the style of writing. I’ll post my review on Goodreads soon I’m sure!


current music. I am totally lame when it comes to music. I feel seriously old when I say this, but I probably don’t know most of the new stuff on the radio. While I’m working, I usually switch my Pandora to Maroon 5 Radio. Although, I’m always all about some Taylor Swift too. 1989 is pretty great, but I think Red is still my favorite album. And I still listen to it regularly.

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Getting a new perspective on opportunity

When I last wrote I mentioned that my mojo was err, missing. Not lacking, not slowly coming back, but – G.O.N.E.

At that time I said that I was going to set some small goals and let things go from there. I will say that this worked – as promised, I’ve gotten at least three workouts in every week since that post, BUT (there’s always a but) something was still missing. It still felt like work.

A few days after that post, I receive a phone call from someone to whom I have a lot of respect. He called to give me a pep talk – a much needed one. His job requires him to do some mundane things that he really doesn’t like to do – things he’s obligated to do. But what his job also provides is the opportunity to make a difference in other’s lives. Not only did this relate to my loss of mojo, I have found it also relates to a lot of different areas of my life too.

I have people who frequently reach out to me and say that I have inspired them in some way or that they enjoy reading my blog because its refreshing to know that someone else is in their shoes. I attribute this to my desire to always be as honest as possible with my readers – let’s face it, we all lose our mojo from time to time.

So…long story short, – I needed to stop looking at exercise and posting as obligations. They aren’t obligations – they are my opportunity to inspire someone. To give someone the motivation, the guts, the something to let them know that someone else has been in their shoes. And if I can, you can. Anyone can.

I love this quote by Henry Ford, “Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” Now, I don’t think I failed, but I certainly needed to dust myself off, pick up the pieces, and keep going.

I’ve misplaced something – have you seen it?

Motivation. Have you seen mine? It’s missing. If you find it, please contact me a.s.a.p., as I am offering a huge reward.

motivationIf it were only that easy. I really would pay top dollar to get it back, but unfortunately that’s not how it works. I have been seriously struggling to get my butt back in the gym, or out on the trail, or something… anything. But it hasn’t happened.

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