I’ve misplaced something – have you seen it?

Motivation. Have you seen mine? It’s missing. If you find it, please contact me a.s.a.p., as I am offering a huge reward.

motivationIf it were only that easy. I really would pay top dollar to get it back, but unfortunately that’s not how it works. I have been seriously struggling to get my butt back in the gym, or out on the trail, or something… anything. But it hasn’t happened.

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In pursuit of lovely looking nails

I did it! I am happy to say that I completed the first month of the Insanity program (again), which is exactly what I set out to do. I am excited to start running again. Insanity is brutal and I am very glad it is over. It made me miss the outdoors!

This Sunday would have been the Disney Princess half and I’m still bummed that I missed it, but I am looking forward to another race coming up in April. Jon and I have ran the Cap10K each year we’ve been in Austin and this will be our third year completing it. Maybe there is a PR in my future…

So….last week I mentioned a couple of product reviews that I wanted to tell you about. First, I absolutely hate what I call “naked nails” – basically when my nails aren’t painted. I love shellac, but honestly, I can usually only get it to last for about a week. And at $40 per mani, that gets expensive! Sometimes I can get them to last for 10 days if I’m lucky, but once one nail starts chipping – I have a horrible habit of picking at it. Before I know it, I have picked every single piece off and left my nails in pretty rough shape.

I don’t mind doing my own manicures, I have all of the products to do so, but that never seems to last for more than a day. A friend mentioned to me that she had the same issues, but finally found a base coat and top coat that really work. She said her home manicures last about two weeks.

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Giving HelloFresh a try

Have y’all heard of HelloFresh? I saw a commercial on TV for them a while back and decided to give them a try. They are a box delivery company offering healthy meals delivered right to your door! You can choose meals for a family of two or four – they send you three meals for the week. I thought the cost was kind of high at $69 for three meals for two people. But I was willing to give it a try – I don’t mind cooking – I just get tired of cooking the same old things.

My first box arrived the next week on schedule and I was really excited to open it! It was nicely packaged with the individual meal ingredients in separate bags. The recipes I received were things I had never cooked before – jambalaya, tomato ragu, and chicken paillard. It was a little intimidating, but the instructions seemed easy enough to follow.

Tomato garlic ragu from Week One

Tomato garlic ragu from Week One

A couple of days later I pulled out the first meal to give it a go. Unfortunately two of the perishable ingredients had spoiled. :( I was so bummed. I made some substitutions, but half way through the recipe I also realized that two of the spices were also not marked – the cayenne and chili powder. Mistakenly I had already dumped the entire packet of cayenne in the dish – when it only called for pinch – womp, womp. Unfortunately the dish ended up being too spicy to eat and we had to toss most of it.

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Oh, hello there

Yeah, it’s been a while. I have been trying to get back to posting, but it just hasn’t happened. I started getting really down on myself about it to. I started to really wonder if I had the desire to keep writing – but then something wonderful happened. I had people start asking me about my blog. They wanted to know if I was still posting or when I would be posting. I even had someone I didn’t know message me through Facebook who had found my Everyday Health article and was inspired by my story. I want to thank the people who reached out to me when I needed a push – it’s nice to know my voice matters!


So, what has been going on in Pritzland? To be honest, not much as far as fitness. If you recall, I had signed-up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon back in July. Late last year I started training for the race and the hubby even agreed to help me out. We were about a month in when the holidays rolled around. When we went back to Michigan to see my family for Christmas, we still managed to get a long run in to stay on track. But from there we drove to Wisconsin to visit’s Jon’s family – and that’s when things went downhill. It was freezing! Remember, I live in Texas and there is a reason for that – I hate cold weather. We woke up one morning and it was below zero – needless to say I am a total wimp and there was no way I was running in that. But that wasn’t the worst part. On our last days of visiting, I got really sick (some kind of food poisoning) and I missed the next two long runs because of it. By the time I felt better, my motivation was gone.

Since I hadn’t bought a plane ticket or booked a hotel, etc., I just figured I would cut my losses and skip the race. My heart just wasn’t in it. As the date has gotten closer, I have mildly regretted that decision, but I can’t change it now. The race will be there next year.

When I couldn’t find the motivation to run, I decided I was do the first month of workouts in the Insanity program again. I am three weeks in and needless to say, I still hate it. This is the last week. I have no plans of continuing the second month of the program again, but I really didn’t intend to. My goal was to make it through the first month only. My thought was that it would provide me so much needed motivation. I’m not sure that it’s completely done that. But it’s made me want to be outside running again. I almost quit last week, but I got a guilt trip from some friends and well, let’s just say it was probably needed. Those horrible friends – ha!

Well that’s a quick check-in for now. I will be back, I promise. I have some things to update you on – a few product reviews, services I’ve recently tried, and styling tips! Stay tuned!

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