Fighting boredom at the gym

Does this sound familiar? You just got to the gym, cranked up the music on your iPhone, and headed to the nearest treadmill, but before you’ve even reached the half-mile mark, you’re completely bored. As you know, I love circuit workouts, but sometimes, they get a little dull and I find myself not putting in the effort I need to.

Sure, workout routines help us stay committed, but doing the same thing week after week can leave you burned out. It may even cause you to quit exercising altogether. If you’re bored with your usual workout routine, it’s time to start shaking things up!

I’ve put together a short list to help you fight through boredom at the gym:

Rotate. Instead of doing three to four sets on one machine and moving on, do a rotation. Select the machines you’re going to use and do one set on each one – then repeat two to three times.

Vary your weights. If you usually lift heavier weights with fewer reps, try increasing your reps and decreasing your weight. Or the opposite, if you always lift lighter weights, try using two times that weight, but only do half the reps.

Try something new. If you’re a faithful runner, step away from the treadmill. Give the elliptical or stationary bike a chance. Or, just stepping outside for a run may change your scenery enough to jump-start your focus.

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Currently – May 2015

I started this last month and hope to make this a monthly post. Here’s my “currently” for May!

current book. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. For a while I have been wanting to read some of the “classics,” but this book has me discouraged to continue that. So far it’s been a hard read. I usually read 3-4 books a month, and after a week, I’m only 25% through. I’ve been enjoying it (I think), because I can’t honestly say I know what’s going on in the book! I’ve been assured to keep going, and it will all make sense, but it’s been a tough.

current music. The new Mumford & Sons album came out earlier this month and I’ve listened to it a few times through. It’s totally different than their last two albums. I can’t say I like it better, but I do like it. My friend and I have also been listening to “Pop Fitness Radio” on Pandora for our morning workouts and I’ve been enjoying that too.


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Super finds on Etsy!

Do y’all shop on Etsy much? I do! I love finding unique gifts for friends and family that I can’t find at a store. It gives me ideas for my own crafting too! When it came time to buy some Mother’s Day gifts, I decided I wanted to give my sister-in-laws some cute recipe cards! I figured this was something I could just pick up at Target, but I couldn’t find them there. With the day steadily approaching, I was in a time crunch!

Since it’s never failed me before, I turned to Etsy! Of course, I found the cutest recipe cards in a shop there. The shop owner was super helpful and offered to expedite my shipment and even sent my package priority mail so it would reach me quickly. I was very grateful since I needed all of the help I could get! I swear I’m not usually a procrastinator!

IMG_4408 copyWhen I received the recipe cards in the mail I was overjoyed! They were so cute (and I’m jealous I didn’t order a set of my own!). They are personalized with the cook’s name at the top and the back features extra lines for directions.

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Fitting exercise into your workday

I don’t know about you, but I spend nearly eight hours a day siting at desk. And more often than not, I leave work with a crick in my neck! Despite my best efforts to log time at the gym, sometimes even that does not make up for all of those seated hours. This means, I’m always looking for unique ways to to help burn a few extra calories and get myself up and out of my seat.

Lucky for me, my workplace started a health challenge in the month of May. This has been super motivating for a lot of my peers and I’ve enjoyed the healthy chitter-chatter that’s filled the office! At 11:15AM each day, there is a group who committed to do the 30-day plank challenge. They meet at an open area near my desk and have gradually increased their planking time day by day. Before May is up, they should each be able to plank for a full three minutes! Others in the office have written down their goals on a board that we have posted for everyone to see. These goals have ranged from “eating paleo” to “less bread – more run.” My favorite goal written down was, “I will do my best every day.” Because, let’s face it, some days we are going to be better than others.

So, if your work doesn’t have a health challenge planned for the near future, what are some extra ways to burn a few extra calories while you’re there? I’ve listed some below, but I’d love to hear how you fit in extra fitness throughout the day. Remember, even if you can make one change, it all adds up!

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Wobbly Legs Workout

Lately I have been really into circuit training and I’ve created quite a few of my own circuit workouts. My workout buddy and I have been shuffling through them each morning, but the last few Saturdays during my solo workouts, I completed what I have aptly named the “Wobbly Legs Workout.” After the workout, I followed it up with a core circuit and then 30 minutes on the elliptical. I could tell you that I added the time on the elliptical because I was super motivated, but really, I just wanted to get some extra reading time in! :)

To create my circuit workouts I have been using this app I found called Seconds. There is a free and paid version of the app. I tried a few different apps before deciding on this one and I splurged for the paid version. The reason I decided to pay for it was because you can actually save your workouts for future use. The free version only allows you to create a circuit and then complete it right away – once you close out the app, it’s gone. I think it was only $5 and it was well worth it in my opinion!

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.20.51 PM

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