I’m a big loser

This past Sunday I ran my second half-marathon, The Biggest Loser Run Walk, in Cedar Park, Texas (just north of where we live in Austin). I signed up for this race in early January and had been pretty much training since then. My original goal was not to try and beat my time from my first half-marathon, but to simply have a good race. As fate (slash tons of preparation) would have it, I did both.

photo 1-2

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Very superstitious…

“I have a dilemma,” I said to a coworker a few days ago regarding a major issue I’m having. Although that story is real, it is also a complete exaggeration. The issue is not major, it’s mostly superficial, but nevertheless, still something that’s been on my mind. Here goes…

I have a tank that is my favorite for long runs. It keeps me cool, I like the way it fits me, and it is super comfortable. Reasonably, this would be my tank of choice for the half marathon this coming Sunday. However, with the blog, I like to take a lot of pictures to keep my readers interested and I’ve noticed, that I am always wearing that tank. I’m beginning to think, that you might think, I only own one outfit! J Okay, you’re probably not thinking that, but it certainly might look that way.



Using the fav tank as a base layer at the IBM Classic 10K

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Wordyless Wednesday

It seems lately that more and more of the blogs I followed have gotten on the Wordy Wednesday or Wordless Wednesday bandwagons. I figured I would combine the two. I just can’t see myself not say anything! Silence isn’t in my repertoire.

So, here is a little bit of what has been going on in the past few weeks…happy hump day!

photo 1-1

Trying my hand at Chick Pea Salad – success!

photo 2-1

The hubs and I enjoyed some entertainment downtown for SXSW, including our friend’s band, Leopold and His Fiction.

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Hello StrideBox

StrideBox is a monthly subscription box service for runners. Each month, subscribers can receive products that will help enhance your training, workouts, and races. They work with well-established brands and companies new to the running seen. Each box is a surprise and allows you to experience new brands and products without having to do any work to find them.

photo 2

Some runners may already be familiar with StrideBox, but yesterday I got my first shipment and am super excited to try all the products!

photo 3

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